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Autonomous Driving

Training Data for Autonomous Vehicles

We deliver the labeled data you need to train your computer vision models.

Accelerate your model development with Mighty AI

Guaranteed Results

Proprietary machine-learning-based QA system for high quality & accuracy

Built for Scale

Game-like tasking UIs and suite of tools for fast, accurate results

Global Community

Known, verified, and trusted annotators who specialize in autonomous driving data

Tools & Workflows

Configurable workflows and tooling to meet your specifications

Private & Secure

Data encrypted at rest, and access to closed communities & annotators under NDA

Data Ownership

You own your data, including the annotations we provide

A Complete Suite of Annotation Tools

Detection and localization

Polygons for road boundaries, road markings, and Botts’ dots

Cuboids for vehicles and side panels

Categorizations for destination path, next road, weather, traffic, pedestrians, speed, topology, and danger

Classifications on object saliency and visibility

Directional commands for driving scenes

Associations for body and head orientation metadata

Key point annotations for pedestrian joints

Segmentation masks

and more





How It Works

We map out the workflow and take annotation off your plate, so you and your team can focus on building better models.


Define Success and Criteria

You set project goals, annotation specs, gold standards, and velocity needs. The rest is on Mighty AI.


Design the Project

Mighty AI builds the tasks and configures the workflows to meet your needs. You send data securely via API, hard drive, direct connect, email batches—whatever works for you.


Launch on the Platform

Mighty AI distributes tasks to annotators who specialize in autonomous driving data to produce accurate results.


Analyze in Real Time

Using the Mighty AI customer portal, you monitor task velocity and analytics in real time.


Optimize and Scale

Once the annotations have passed our quality checks (always calibrated against your specs), they’re delivered back in your preferred format. Success is evaluated and everyone smiles.

Watch our annotation process