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  • best AI, machine learning and data science podcasts

    The Best AI Podcasts

    By on May 23, 2023

    We could spend all day, every day, reading about autonomous driving, computer vision, natural learning, data science, and other...

  • Mighty AI data science secrets about training data for computer vision, natural language and AI models

    A Data Scientist’s Top 3 Tips About Training Data

    By on May 17, 2023

    People frequently tell us they learned a lot listening to Mighty AI Principal Data Scientist Angie Hugeback’s interview with...

  • data annotation for computer vision

    4 Myths about Outsourcing Data Annotation

    By on May 10, 2023

    As the artificial intelligence movement accelerates in limitless directions, one thing is certain: High-quality data is the linchpin. To...