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Case Study: PivotDesk

“The next time we micro-task, Mighty AI is at the top of our list for an integration.”

Peter Nocchiero, VP Product &
Customer Experience at PivotDesk

The Company

PivotDesk is an office-sharing marketplace, similar to AirBnB, but for office space. The marketplace consists of both “host” companies (those who have excess office space and want to offset the costs of their long-term commercial lease) and “guest” companies (those who aren’t ready for a long-term lease, or just need a more flexible office space solution). Through PivotDesk, guest companies can book office space month-to-month from host companies.

PivotDesk is a private company with offices in Boulder, Boston, New York, and San Francisco. The business has approximately 20 employees.

The Challenge

Companies who are interested in sharing their spare office space through PivotDesk are instructed to upload at least 4 (ideally 8-10) photos of their available space to their listing on the site. As with all user-generated content, the quality of these photos varies considerably. To control for this, select PivotDesk employees — 4 General Managers — were manually reviewing, filtering, organizing, and giving feedback on the images as part of their overall workload.

PivotDesk recognized that these employees’ time could be better spent and that they were “a better fit doing other things, like selling our product,” shared Peter Nocchiero, Director of Product and Customer Experience at PivotDesk. But they also knew having quality images was crucial: “The idea that we can put our best photo possible as the primary thumbnail for a search result increases our ability to get inquiries and bookings for a given host.” With a small team and no additional resources for the task, the image duties remained with the GMs, consuming time that could have been spent on sales activities.

The Move to Mighty AI

The PivotDesk team was quick to realize the benefits of working with Mighty AI on photo tasks. There was the obvious advantage of freeing up employees to focus on other high-impact work, but there was also “certainly a correlation from a product perspective and engineering, where it’s important to know that we can implement these solutions that allow us to scale, and scale just in time. That it’s another thing in our repertoire of solutions that helps us optimize our marketplace,” said Nocchiero.

PivotDesk also appreciated the ease of setup and lack of maintenance involved in using the Mighty AI platform. Nocchiero explained: “It was great that we could easily get plugged in with Mighty AI and get up and running before it became where our internal team was drowning by having to hold together a manual process. That’s not only good in the concept of photo optimization, but also just good from an organizational perspective.”

The Solution

Mighty AI worked together with PivotDesk to create photo optimization micro-tasks for the Mighty AI community. Mighty AI developed a quality rating based on a 1-5 scale, as well as specific instructions for rating the photos from exceptional to poor in quality.

“We use Mighty AI to help us rate and order and give feedback on the photos that our hosts have posted, so we can not only put the absolutely best one as a primary thumbnail of search results, but we can also exclude any bad ones — blurry, hard to see what’s going on, and sometimes inappropriate things can come through, and we can exclude those, too. And we can do all of that in an automated, scalable way through Mighty AI,” Nocchiero said.

The Results

The photo quality task was a 98% manual process before PivotDesk began working with Mighty AI. It’s now 100% automated after integrating with Mighty AI’s API, with near real-time results and zero human touch. PivotDesk has saved the time and cost of nearly one full-time employee by switching to Mighty AI’s automated solution.

Nocchiero added, “As we continue to scale, Mighty AI becomes that much more critical to us. Everything holds that much more weight and is that much more important as we bring more customers, more hosts, more photos onto the system.”


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