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GDPR: What You Need to Know

In this webinar, attorneys Claudia Rast and Jennifer Dukarski from the law firm Butzel Long, along with Mighty AI Founder and CEO Daryn Nakhuda, discuss data privacy changes in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how they impact the autonomous vehicles industry. GDPR affects many companies around the globe–including potentially yours.

Watch now to learn about how you can ensure your data is private and secure as you comply with the new regulation.


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TWiML Talk #57 with Daryn Nakhuda, founder and CEO of Mighty AI

Training Data for Autonomous Vehicles

TWiML Talk #57 with Daryn Nakhuda, founder and CEO of Mighty AI

Daryn and show host Sam Charrington chat about the demand for highly specialized and accurate data within the autonomous vehicles market.

In this episode, Daryn shares how our expertise in predictive machine learning across industries helped us evolve to a Top 10 Auto Startup in 2017. Other topics you can look forward to: scale concerns in the race to autonomy, the need for diverse data from around the world, the secretive marketplace, and so much more.


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