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The AI News We’re Reading: May 2017 Edition

The AI News We’re Reading: May 2017 Edition

Time for Mighty AI’s monthly AI news roundup! Here’s some of the best stuff we read about computer vision, natural language and other AI applications in May:

  • We’re impressed with these 20 women leading the way in AI research and innovation. Read.
  • The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil. Spoiler alert: It’s data. Read.
  • Google announced new machine learning tools and initiatives that enable users to build an AI product from the ground up. Read.
  • Speaking of Google, it also used math to invent sounds humans have never heard before. Read.
  • IBM is making image recognition easier and faster. Read.
  • AI can transform the medical industry—but who’s to blame for misdiagnoses? Read.
  • The Economist shared why AI researchers like video games so much. Read.
  • The Financial Times showed how artificial intelligence and quantum computing help fight cybercrime. Read.
  • Visual data is at the center of the AI war. Read.
  • Is China outsmarting America in A.I.? Read.
  • Uber depends on data science for its “route-based” pricing model. Read.
  • From natural language processing to computer vision, the AI revolution is here. Read.
  • Researchers explored how AI bots can alter behavior and inspire collaboration in groups of people. Read.
  • We could translate dolphin language within five years. Read.
  • Researcher Janelle Shane trained a neural network to invent hilariously absurd paint colors. Read.
  • Does artificial intelligence owe us an explanation? Read.
  • The a16z team created a comprehensive playbook for people just getting started in their AI journeys. Read.
  • Bill Gates tweeted about why he believes this is “an amazing time to be alive.” Read.
  • And don’t miss out on our top AI podcast picks! Read.


image credit: Amador Loureiro via Unsplash

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